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Algorithmic Search Engine IP


 Blue Sage Communications builds high performance packet processing Intellectual Property (IP) designs for networking applications. Blue Sage has developed an Algorithmic Search Engine (ASE) that replaces special function Ternary Content Addressable Memories (TCAMs) with a solution that can be deployed on multi-core SoCs, FPGAs or ASICs. Blue Sage's ASE provides true N-tuple search with Exact Match, Longest Prefix Match, Range Match, and Random Wildcard Match capability


 Blue Sage IP designs can be used in various networking equipment such as legacy and Openflow switches and routers, security appliances such as intrusion detection and prevention systems, transmission systems, wireless base stations, server acceleration devices, load balancers, wan acceleration systems, and generally any high throughput network connected device 

Use Cases

 Packet header lookups are required for making forwarding and filtering decisions, quality of service assignments, access control, connection and flow identification and header translation